Bodybuilding Tips

When you are training and you are not getting any closer to your goal of putting on size lets look at possibly why? There are 3 body types and no one is entirely one shape, you have:

Ectomorph: short upper body, long arms and legs, very little fat storage. And generally have thin muscles, Ectomorphs unfortunately fallen into the category of the hard gainer (I know I have been here it sucks big time). Their first primary objective is gaining weight, in the form of quality muscle mass. Ectomorphs need to eat like a kid in a candy shop (but not candy no no no). This article is primary for Ectomorphs.

Mesomorph: Large chest, long torso, and solid muscle structure and have good strength. These dudes find it relatively easy to put on mass they just need to look at a weight/dumbbell and they put on muscle mass, as long as they have a balanced program and don


Hi, my name is Dinny Morris. I

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