How to lose weight fast

Lots of people are in a real hurry to lose weight which is kind of ironic when you consider that it often takes many years to get fat in the first place. Slow and steady is generally the best way to lose weight because losing weight too fast may trigger something called the starvation response which will actually slow weight loss to a crawl and even result in weight gain!


Rapid weight loss if often muscle rather than fat which is a major problem. Muscle needs calories and anytime you lose muscle, your body ends up needing fewer calories which will reduce your metabolic rate and hamper your fat loss efforts. The name of the game should be losing fat while preserving muscle mass if you want to maximize fat loss.


A sensible diet, plenty of exercise and lashings of consistency are what you need for successful weight loss but, that being said, here are seven things you can do to speed up the process so that you lose weight as fast as is safely possible


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