Assessment Process

Before you enter the gym we need to assess where you are now, so that I can design a program that will get you from here to the new you.

So our first session together is an in-depth assessment where we analyze your current lifestyle, health and fitness. Here are some of the things we consider:

Body type

We all have different genes and body shapes. Your body type affects how easily you will gain muscle and lose weight, and the type of
exercise that will benefit you the most.

Exercise history

Looking at your previous training and sports activities can provide valuable clues to the type of exercise that will be most effective (and enjoyable) for you.


We need to be sure you are not carrying an injury that could be
aggravate by training. I help a lot of clients overcome common aches and pains such as lower back pain, shoulder pain, poor posture and stiffness. For more serious injuries, I don

Training Process

This is where the rubber hits the road!
provide specific programs for different goals:

Tracking Progress

What gets measured gets improved. And there

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