A personal trainer can get you amazing results

And give you a big lift and drive and motivation that maybe you are lacking in your own workouts and can give you that extra 30%-50% extra push that you cant yourself. Can keep you accountable and goal focused.

1. Are they certified? It can take sometimes 8 weeks to go through a personal training course or some certifications to be a personal trainer can be done online and can take a lot lot less. To legally operate as a personal trainer the trainer requires a first aid certificate and Certificate 3
and 4 in fitness. This sets the base of being able to train clients.

2. Assessments: In the gym you see it a lot the bad techniques of exercises that some people put them selves through because they saw some egomaniac dickward LOL doing it on you tube, but the reality is this NOT everyone can do these exercises!! Olymipics Lifts, rotation work etc need to be left for a professional to recommend in a training session, as per your training age and assessment they put you through. When first signing up with a trainer ask them if they are going to access you, this may be fat Skinfold testing, before and after photos, in the first session, some trainers allocate 1-2 sessions of just assessments alone, some of the assessments maybe blood pressure, sometimes a really long annoying form asking about past/current injuries etc etc (I have one of these forms) an assessment on certain exercises, they may look at tightness in certain muscle groups, to discuss injuries or see where there are weakness in a certain body weight exercises, this is VERY important this creates the basis of your program which you will need to follow in order to get the correct results with DOMS not injuries. From experience you can push a client hard depending on many factors, BUT the exercise selection must reflect the clients training age, so if your PT has you doing deadlifts or rotation work in the gym and you have a herniated disc or spinal problems, or your doctor has said don


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